Why Us?

When driving through the plains of Kansas, you are immediately taken back in time – a time when the heart of America was rooted in the family farm. Each section of countryside reflects our rural heritage by the presence of barns – empirical structures of strength built to endure the unceasing, seasonal winds of Kansas. Often painted red or white, these structures have weathered over time to provide a truly unique, textured wood that enhances any home.

Many of the barns of Kansas were built at a time when there were very few sheltering trees on the plains. Therefore, much of the wood made its way to Kansas by rail from the mountains of Colorado. This travel from Colorado makes the Kansas barn wood unique from barn wood in other areas of the United States because the wood has weathered hundreds of miles away from the Rocky Mountains where it actually grew.

Kansas Barnwood provided me with authentic barnwood that was weathered to perfection.  It was the best addition to our renovation project! – Kathy, Texas

Understanding the importance of the barn to Kansas farmers in the early 1900s helps explain how these magnificent structures have survived for years through the harsh seasons associated with the Kansas plains. As farms were being settled in this vast, virgin land, shelter for the animals that worked the farmland was essential to the success of the farm, rivaling the family farmhouse. Designed to carry the family farm through generations, neighbors came from far and wide to help each other build their barns and much pride was taken in their construction. Given its importance, it is easy to see why these structures still stand when other structures around them have crumbled.

Barn wood is used in homes, businesses and offices today as flooring, wall covering, furniture and siding – its uses are endless. Utilizing the authentic barn wood we have to offer, you can create an environment that transports you back in time. Contact us to experience the peace and tranquility of the early American farm in your life today.